The World Championship
in the old capital of Viborg
- 7th of May 2022

PowerMan Viborg is for everyone!

Powerman Viborg will be on a so called middle distance. This will let you out on 10 km run on a 2,5km loop in the old town of Viborg, 60 km bike on a hilly 30km loop around Viborg, and finally 10 km run in the old town. There will also be an open distance, which means that everyone can participate and compete against yourself and against the pro’s.


A duathlon festival for a few days

The 7th of May 2022, Viborg will host 2022 Viborg ITU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon World Championships in the heart of the old city. Despite it is an elite race, it is an event with lots of space for beginners – no matter what kind of bike you have, just leave your e-bike at home!

Together with the citizens, we will change the city to a duathlon festival for a few days. Besides a world class event for the athletes, we want to bring the philosophy for a Powerman event, that we want to involve the spectators, and as a result of this, making the athletes feel like running on water.

ITU Duathlon World Championships

Postponed to 7th of May 2022

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