Run Course

A historic run course taking you through the old town, in the old capital of Denmark. Several remarkable spots will be passed, on this beautiful run course.

Anyway, dont get too excited – the run course will challenge you from the first step. Cobblestones and steep hills will ensure, that there will be no world records on this course.

The start will be just in front of the cathedral, and will then take you past the old prison, the old court and then down to the foot of the long uphill climb. On the top you will turn left, and downhill on Reberbanen (Reberbahn – … anyway, not what you think). After turning left in the end of Reberbanen, you will get back on cobblestones and the old narrow streets. This will be a perfect spot to recover a bit, as the short steep hill, going below The Bridge of Sighs will start after 2 km. 200 meters with an average slope of 8% will be tough, especially on the last part.
On the top, you will turn left twice and then you will have the cathedral just in front of you – if you need another round, you turn left – if you are on your final lap, you turn right taking you around the cathedral and then to the finish line.

-Powerman Short: 2 laps
-EC/DM and Open Powerman: 4laps

On the run course it is important to wear the racenumber visible (on the front) and secured to the shirt or in a strap. Athletes are not allowed on the run course without visible racenumber or shirt on.

Aid stations on the run course:
On the Run Course there are one aid station, located at the cathedral. Aid stations covers:
-32GI Endure Drink
-32Gi Endure Chews
-32Gi Sports Gels

Toilets are placed next to the TZzone, and next to the aid station. Please use them! You might receive a penalty if you don’t.


The bike course

The bike course, is one of a kind – and will for sure give you some memories, especially for your legs.
Starting from the Transition zone, you will have 500 meters with cobblestones before you hit the road – that will take you out of the city, and into a hilly and beautiful nature around Viborg.

With a course, fully closed for traffic and wide roads we will offer you athletes a super fair bike course.
The bike course will take you to Dollerup Hills, and compared to last year – there is several extra height meters to work with. Around 420 HM per loop, which makes the course one of the toughest in the multisport branch.

Aid Station on the bike course:
At Løvbjerg Zonen, you will have the one aid station on the bike course. This is also the place for your bottle- and wastedrop. You are only allowed to deposit your bottles and waste at the Aid station. There will be trashbins or garbage cans where you can put your waste.

The Aid Station covers:
-32Gi Endure Drink – 600 ml bottles
-32Gi Endure Chews
-Bottles with Water

Keep in mind that the Aid station is a busy spot, so prepare yourself in good time and follow the flow through the station. Do not try to overtake in high speed here - this can be very dangerous! At short distance volunteers will serve you with supplies in the zone and remember that other athletes will be just behind you.